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1. Keep the garment out of light in a light-tight cover when storing the garment.
2. Keep the garment polished when stored as it will prolong the life of the garment, we recommend a blue polish called pvc dressing or a water based lubricant which can also be used as a dressing aid as well as for shining your garment .
3. Wash with a mild soap like washing up liquid. (detergent free ).
4. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel without rubbing or sponge or shower the interior of the garment.
5. Then polish with a soft (lint-free) cloth such as a jay-cloth. Coat the garment with the polish and allow to dry. Do not rub the polish in or it may remove the shiny surface. Talc may be also applied to the inside of the garment to prevent the two surfaces sticking together.
6. Lube can be used in small quantities for very tight fitting garments. This is also particularly good for semi-transparent latex.
7. Keep light colours separate from dark or they may permanently stain.
8. Do not touch metal like gold,copper or bronze (including jewellery) and then touch latex when wearing light colours because it may cause staining which is permanent.
9. Do not use baby oil or tanning oils as these may damage the latex.
10. Quilted items should not be plunged into water but just sponged down to clean.

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