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Ectomorph is proud of its designs and of the superb pictures that grace its catalogues. So, for your greater enjoyment we are making them available to you in two or three sizes, thumbnails for whole Collections, then medium (or large) size and finally, for some styles, super-size pictures of single garments so that you can fully appreciate the quality and styling. The images are optimised for computer systems with a 1280 x 1024 pixel display (or better). The computer should be capable of displaying images at this resolution in 'Hi-color' (16 bits per pixel) or 'True-color' (24 bits pre pixel).

Ectomorph is proud to have set new standards by the quality of the images on this site.

Please note that all images on this site are the copyright of Ectomorph. They are made available solely for your enjoyment and for helping you select garments for purchase. Reproduction, in whatever form, or posting on other web sites is expressly forbidden unless prior permission, in writing, has been obtained. Ectomorph will pursue any infringement of its copyright with the utmost vigour to the full extent of the law.